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This book is totally dedicated to my beloved father, Irving Goldstein, who sadly passed away from the effects of lung cancer and emphysema on January 23, 1999, which was only fifteen days after I was sentenced to a determinate term of seven years in prison.

Only in the days since my father's death, during my incarceration, have I begun to realize and understand how much my father meant to me and how much he loved and cared about me.

The things that he taught me, as well as the values he always tried to instill into me, are finally beginning to come to the surface, and so much more often than not, the things that he used to tell me, many of which I used to question, disagree with, or otherwise ridicule him for, are also starting to come to fruition.

Dedicated to My Father

I would gladly trade ten years of my life to be able to have my father back with me right now. I would have also given him one of my lungs, without hesitation, if it would have helped keep him alive.

I resent myself for not having been home for the last seven-plus months of my father's life while I was in the Manhattan "Tombs" and on Rikers Island, and for causing him, and my mother, Judy, so much unnecessary and easily avoidable pain and aggravation, not just during this time period, but all throughout my entire life.

I miss my father so very, very much, and think about him each and every single day. I just wish that there was some way that I could let him know how much I loved and respected him for everything that he had done for me.

To that end, I have vowed to myself to try to be a good and decent human being, the kind that would have made my father proud. If I could end up being just a fraction of the man that my father was, I would consider myself to be very fortunate.

I miss you so much, Dad.

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